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BaoQiang——22 years focused on adhesive tape production, sales and service
We focus on the production of masking tape, double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, cloth tape, BOPP sealing tape, protective clothing and industrial cloth pad, including a variety of highly dynamic products, tailored to your needs The perfect solution. Our products take the lead in the industry to obtain ISO14021 / ISO14025 environmental certification, the product composition in full compliance with the EU environmental directive 94/62 / EC packaging materials, and I Division imported raw materials from abroad have also been SGS environmental certification.
National Service Hotline:86-0760-8559601
  • 22Year Focus on adhesive tape development and production
  • 20000SquareMonthly output of up to 100,000 sets
  • SGSImported raw materials to obtain environmental certification
  • 10ItemMore than 10 environmental testing certification
  • 6Article6 automated production lines
High-quality adhesive tape customization experts
Products: 封箱胶带
National Service Hotline:13802665620/13528299569
胶带 (1)
Products: 胶带 (1)
National Service Hotline:13802665620/13528299569
切割器 (1)
Products: 切割器 (1)
National Service Hotline:13802665620/13528299569

Peel strong, strong adhesion, fixed protection, solvent resistance, high temperature, no residual plastic

22 years focused on the development and production of adhesive tape
Since its establishment in 1995, our company has played an important role in the industry both in product innovation and production capacity. Today, Baoqiang company in the production and sale of adhesive tape has been in the industry-leading position.
  • Zhongshan Baoqiang is a Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan-owned enterprises
  • Plant area up to 20,000 square meters
  • Monthly output up to 100,000 units; annual turnover of 100 million yuan / year
Integrity management, quality assured
To "no virtue of the business" for the business premise, the processing of products produced by 100% of the full thickness, 100% foot width, 100% of the number of meters meters, not cutting corners
  • Our products take the lead in this industry to obtain ISO14021 / ISO14025 certification
  • Product composition in full compliance with the EU 94/62 / EC packaging materials environmental directives
  • Our imported raw materials from abroad also obtained SGS environmental certification
Factory direct sales, primary sources, prompt delivery
20,000 square meters production base, the monthly output of over 10 million dozen / month, adequate inventory, replenishment worry; Has a perfect distribution system, fast delivery, factory outlets, giving customers the largest price support, Truly: "inexpensive"!
  • Low prices and excellent quality are our goals
  • Efficiency is the work style of all my strongman
Improve and improve the service system to protect the after-sale more intimate!
After-sales team full tracking, shelf life of any problem components unconditional replacement, no worries 100% no reason to return security, so you worry-free cooperation.
  • One to one professional engineers, technicians on-site installation guide
  • Professional service team, productivity increased by 30%
Your trust in Baoqiang is our greatest motivation
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High-quality adhesive tape customization experts